Psycho-Educational Groups

Psychoeducation is an educational approach that combines traditional psychotherapeutic techniques with educational strategies. It involves providing information and support to individuals and families dealing with mental health issues, so they can better understand and manage their mental health. This approach also encourages the development of problem-solving and coping skills, while promoting self-advocacy and resilience. Psychoeducation includes teaching individuals and families about the nature of mental health issues, the available treatments and self-help strategies, and identifying community resources. It is a collaborative approach that focuses on creating an open, safe environment to discuss mental health. Below you will find a list of available psychoeducational groups Laurel Helping Hands has to offer:  

Charla Informativa Para Padres Latinos (Hispanic parent group)

 Are you a Hispanic parent looking for support in navigating the complexities of parenting and mental health? Join us for a monthly meeting of our Hispanic Parent Group, where we discuss the unique challenges of raising children in a Hispanic family while also supporting their mental health. We provide a safe space to share your experiences, learn from each other, and find resources to help you cope. This meeting is open to all Hispanic parents and your input is valuable. Come join us and build a supportive network of peers to help you on your journey! 

DRAMA club – anger management  

Laurel Helping Hands offers a Dispute Resolution and Managing Anger (DRAMA Club) group for teenagers twice a year. Participants learn constructive strategies to handle conflict in their daily lives. The training is nine sessions long and offered in the evenings. Participants must attend all 9 sessions to complete the training and receive a certificate of completion. 

Safe Dates – youth relationships