Getting Started

If you believe Laurel Helping Hands can provide the support that you need, please  

  • Call our office at 240-294-1304 -You will be asked to provide some information about yourself, the reason(s) why you are seeking counseling, and whether you want in-person or virtual appointments.  
  • We will match you with a counselor, based on the problem(s) you describe when you call.   
  • You must complete intake paperwork before you meet your counselor for the first time. If choose an in-person appointment, you can complete the paperwork when you come in, otherwise you must complete it online.     
  • At your intake session, your counselor will ask a lot of questions about you, to understand your needs and goals and will collaborate with you to develop a plan for getting you where you want to be.   
  • Afterwards, you will attend therapy sessions to learn skills and go home to practice them. Once you and your counselor decide you have accomplished your goals, you are done.